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Header & Exhaust Insulating Heat Wrap

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All fiberglass based exhaust wraps feature a realistic service temperature of 1200°F and are capable of taking brief peak intervals of 2000°F. Our regular grade of exhaust wraps feature the industry standard vermiculite coating. Our black exhaust wrap uses a black vermiculite coating, the black vermiculite doesn’t fade from heat exhaustion like similar graphite coated wraps. The premium grade of exhaust heat wrap features a tighter weave with a special heat treated coating that gives the wrap a bronze finish. The tighter weave retains more heat than industry standard header and exhaust wraps and frays less. All exhaust wraps are designed to retain heat in the exhaust system. By retaining heat in the exhaust system, the exhaust gases get hotter, decreasing their density, and allowing them to exit the system faster. This can improve horsepower and also help to lower intake temperatures. An additional benefit to retaining heat in the exhaust system, is the lowering of engine room temperatures by as much as 50% in some instances, this can protect other vital ship components from heat damage. All of our header and exhaust wraps can be fastened with our Thermal-Ties™, hose clamp, or wire.


Part No.
Premium Marine Exhaust Wrap; 2" x 100'
Premium Marine Exhaust Wrap; 4" x 100'
Premium Marine Exhaust Wrap; 6" x 100'
Exhaust Marine Wrap; 2" x 100'
Black Exhaust Marine Wrap; 2" x 100'
Black Exhaust Marine Wrap; 3" x 100'
Black Exhaust Marine Wrap; 4" x 100'
Black Diesel Marine Wrap; 6" x 100'


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