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Sat 11 2012

Chinese biggest sand dredger sucessfully launched by haihua airbag!

It is learnt that the vessel’s length is 152 metres, width is 26.8 metres, mechanical weight is 1.2 million tons deadweight, capacity is 1.3 million cubic metres. It is designed for dredging river, the sea of maximum dredging ship. In order to make the ship successfully launching, Haitian shipbuilding Co., Ltd. delegate Taizhou safe water engineering Co., Ltd. as the water engineering job, to design the slipway, to make launch plan for their design, and use the best marine airbag in our country.


 Linhai rubber & plastic Co. Ltd. is a joint company who produce the marine airbags. Three years ago, the factory to seize the shipbuilding industry chance at home and abroad, and under the support of three universities- Qinghua University, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of technology, and in cooperation with Hangzhou Haihua I&E Co.,Ltd. successfully develope improved marine airbags. The marine airbag’s length is 18 metres, diameter is 1.5 metres, and 130KPa per square centimeter metre, and can can stand 25 tons. That is a new launched technology, it overcomes the difficult of previous ships’s on and off the wate. This product has been checked by China's weapon industry non-metallic materials and chemical detection center, the specification is full compliance with CB/T3795-1996 ship airbags standard. So far, the product has been successfully used for more than 10 million tons, and there is no accident.

To ensure the safety of the ship’s launching, Linhai rubber & plastic Co., Ltd. send technician to working site, in conjunction with the management and the launching company technician, to check the ship’s deadweight, balloon arrangement, gas pressure, water level, scroll speed, and organize the collision avoidance. On the evening 23:00 pm, everything is ready, the whole ship is all over the airbags, along with the launching order, two strands at the front of the ship, was cut by the welder.61 airbags after the last statement inflated again, the bow of the ship turned quickly lift, in the role of the gentle slopes, only a minutes time, the ship successfully launch into the river. During this time, the airbags leave the hull, float to the surface of the water, the scene very spectacular.


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